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Girl with Braids

About Early Bilingual

Early Bilingual is a company committed to providing meaningful, naturalistic, and hands-on bilingual educational services to the NY population. We believe in each child’s unique strengths and the power that caregivers and family members can have as team players in their journey.


Hello! I'm Laura Giolitti

Teacher, Early Intervention Therapist, SEIT & Founder of Early Bilingual

She is a passionate professional with +17 years of experience in the field who completed a bachelor's degree in Preschool Education in Venezuela, and a MST in Early Childhood Development, Learning, and Intervention at Pace University in New York.


Laura have been trained in American Sign language, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System),  Applied Behavior Analysis, Bilingual/ENL Methodology, Montessori Teaching Techniques, and Conducting Developmental Evaluations to Children with Special Needs. She has worked with children with different diagnoses, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyspraxia, Apraxia, mixed receptive-expressive language delays, KDM5C syndrom, and other developmental delays. Additionally, she is also working on completing her BCBA certification (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) .


She strongly believe in team work. Therefore she always integrate the family members and caregivers as main team members of the treatment plans of her clients. Her main goal is to walk the families through the treatment plan and/or bilingual education journey with compassion, empathy, and understanding.


Our Approach

We like to define our teaching style as naturalistic, active, individualized, compassionate, and meaningful. Our staff is committed to teaching and training not just the child but also their main caregivers in order to enhance the learning opportunities of our little ones. Teamwork is our goal! If all the main pieces in the child's life work together, the effectiveness of the learning plan will increase significantly, and more importantly, they will achieve more goals at a faster rate..

Our sessions are full of active, integrated, multi-sensory, and hands-on learning. Our first and main goal is to promote strong self-confidence and self-esteem in our clients while focusing on their main current interests to increase their motivation to try new skills and to be at peace with making mistakes (we all learn through trial and error). Compassion, meaningful connections,  and empathy are key components of our practice. 

Johanna D

"Thank you for such an amazing job you are doing!! My daughter absolutely loves each and every class."
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